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Cammysutra – Anal headlock

I don’t know if this position has a proper name, I just like to call it the anal headlock.

The images link to the animated gifs, two separate loops in a sequence, and yes, they’re behind the login barrier.

So what happened with the whole “posting without login from now on” schtick – Still part of the plan but I’m working out the details.

First of all I’m probably going to post work in progress stuff behind a login first so that members get a first crack at it, especially the whole “get points for critique”. Then it gets released later.

Second, people have been asking me to make a set for Dlsite, and this is going to be it, so obviously I can’t just post it for free, it has to be restricted. Everything posted on dlsite needs a big censor block all over the naughty bits though, so the versions posted here will be uncensored.

Finally, I need to get a proper library of reusable animation poses, all kinds of sex acts and positions I can then apply in new situations with other characters and models – hence the name “Cammysutra” – I’m gonna have her fucked from every angle and every position and every orifice. Afterwards you can pick from the menu and request character X in position Y, fund it and make it happen! So for example, if you want to see Rukia in this position, you know I have the animation worked out and I can put it together for say, 20 points.

Speaking of which points tracking associated with user logins coming soon…