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British special forces Cammy, the cutest character from street fighter

Cammy got fingered.


Was learning using gimp to create gifs, I’ve been using an ancient cracked copy of jasc animation shop that was starting to bug out badly. Plus the “days you’ve been using without registering” thing on startup was beginning to depress me 🙂

People have been asking me to release the uncensored Cammysutra animations, but I haven’t been able to find most of them and re-rendering is out of the question – too much time.

What I would do is create a mini game using the same engine I’m using for the Drow huntress where you could cycle through the animations, move the camera around to your heart’s content and whatever other interactivity I could add into it. Also some audio would be a nice change. I could do one of those for every character, and add to it with more animations. Realtime rendering removes the biggest bottleneck I faced, those damn render times.

Cammy dance


A dancing Cammy. Link goes to a nude version in the member[s area.

Cammysutra has been received by Dlsite, will be online soon assuming they find no faults with it

Internal view

I just realized that the approach I’m using for censoring can be used to layer other things, for example, one of those internal views they use so often in the comics. It’s less usual in the animations, it looks a little weird, but for a first try it’s an interesting experiment.