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Cammysutra – Anal headlock

I don’t know if this position has a proper name, I just like to call it the anal headlock.

The images link to the animated gifs, two separate loops in a sequence, and yes, they’re behind the login barrier.

So what happened with the whole “posting without login from now on” schtick – Still part of the plan but I’m working out the details.

First of all I’m probably going to post work in progress stuff behind a login first so that members get a first crack at it, especially the whole “get points for critique”. Then it gets released later.

Second, people have been asking me to make a set for Dlsite, and this is going to be it, so obviously I can’t just post it for free, it has to be restricted. Everything posted on dlsite needs a big censor block all over the naughty bits though, so the versions posted here will be uncensored.

Finally, I need to get a proper library of reusable animation poses, all kinds of sex acts and positions I can then apply in new situations with other characters and models – hence the name “Cammysutra” – I’m gonna have her fucked from every angle and every position and every orifice. Afterwards you can pick from the menu and request character X in position Y, fund it and make it happen! So for example, if you want to see Rukia in this position, you know I have the animation worked out and I can put it together for say, 20 points.

Speaking of which points tracking associated with user logins coming soon…

Shlickin’ Cammy

Higher res and longer version… this one doesn’t have bare feet but I kinda like the big stomping boots on her. Also reflective floor – not a bad idea when I can’t be bothered with a background. Pity the toon lines do not render in the reflection.

Updated with a few details fixed, she has her leotard pushed aside now rather than missing it’s bottom altogether, eyelashes are blond (Not sure if that’s a good idea) and a few other tweaks. Also rendered with much higher quality settings (Took 14 hours, I set it up because I’d be away most of yesterday so it might as well do some work), but I’m not sure if it really shows that much.