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Cammy got fingered.


Was learning using gimp to create gifs, I’ve been using an ancient cracked copy of jasc animation shop that was starting to bug out badly. Plus the “days you’ve been using without registering” thing on startup was beginning to depress me 🙂

People have been asking me to release the uncensored Cammysutra animations, but I haven’t been able to find most of them and re-rendering is out of the question – too much time.

What I would do is create a mini game using the same engine I’m using for the Drow huntress where you could cycle through the animations, move the camera around to your heart’s content and whatever other interactivity I could add into it. Also some audio would be a nice change. I could do one of those for every character, and add to it with more animations. Realtime rendering removes the biggest bottleneck I faced, those damn render times.

Katt model

I’ve begun releasing free Creative Commons blender 3d models and animations at my new site -one of them is this model of Katt from breath of Fire.

I’m not linking direct because this is a mainstream non porn site, and I want to keep them somewhat separate

Open sourcing my 3d models

Over the years people have asked me many times to share my 3d models. Before, I couldn’t do that easily because I was using a commercial app, animation master, and the models were not easy to export to other apps.

But now Blender, the free 3d open source program has reached a level where it is on a par with the best commercial apps, and it is completely free for anyone to download. So at this point, distributing my models can be done for all.

I can’t directly sell 3d models based on existing properties since they are derivative works, so I am going to accept donations for each character model release. Since a 3d model is not adult content I will be accepting paypal on my new site

The first model to be released is a blender port of my Raven 3d model, and the donation goal is 500$. The models will be released under Creative Commons – attribution license and I will continue to support them by posting completed scenes with poses, animation files and lighting/render styles so you can mix and match and make your own fanart with ease

I will continue to post adult content animations on this site, which will be downloadable and usable with the released models, so that you can make your own variations and personalize the animations to your own tastes.

Cammy dance


A dancing Cammy. Link goes to a nude version in the member[s area.

Cammysutra has been received by Dlsite, will be online soon assuming they find no faults with it