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Rukia footjob

I was originally animating a handjob but then I decided that was boring and turned it into a footjob, or at least the beginning of one

Rukia footjob


Quick update with a second footy anigif, the larger res version takes a while to render.

Here’s the higher rez, slightly longer version. Some flaws (Like her foot sinking into his body) have already been corrected and will be fixed in the next render. This one’s for members only

Rukia rides Ichigo

Welp, here’s a larger res. render. Some of the frames look fairly nice on their own.

Rukia riding Ichigo

Click to see the full animation (for members). Not a member? Join here – you get to see the animation, and I put the cash towards buying a faster computer so I can make more animations! Everyone wins. (I was kidding about the drugs.)

I’m also going to render some alternate camera views. Like so


It also has a slightly different lighting setup which I think looks better.