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Naga futa comic

So I knocked out a quick page, very rough around the edges but I’ll get better with practice.

I’ve always had the idea of doing comics with rendered frames, so I can get some sort of a story (Which I can’t really put through via animation, lacking voice actors and budget, etc) and then have animated bits as extras. So, this is a first step.


Most dojinshi start in the middle of things, so this isn’t really a departure. I can then flashback to how they got to this situation in the next few pages.

Rukia footjob

I was originally animating a handjob but then I decided that was boring and turned it into a footjob, or at least the beginning of one

Rukia footjob


Quick update with a second footy anigif, the larger res version takes a while to render.

Here’s the higher rez, slightly longer version. Some flaws (Like her foot sinking into his body) have already been corrected and will be fixed in the next render. This one’s for members only

Naga grows a dick

So I had an idea to make a comic, the story would be that Naga picks up a magical artefact despite Linna’s warnings that it’s cursed, and it causes the effect you see here.


It’s probably the first time I do futanari in earnest, since it’s not really a fetish of mine (But I’ve become pretty much used to it over time, so what the hell)