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Naga grows a dick

So I had an idea to make a comic, the story would be that Naga picks up a magical artefact despite Linna’s warnings that it’s cursed, and it causes the effect you see here.


It’s probably the first time I do futanari in earnest, since it’s not really a fetish of mine (But I’ve become pretty much used to it over time, so what the hell)

Animated Stereo Rukia

Well, I wasn’t intending to do this, but I forgot I had the stereo option ticked when I rendered this out, so it came out in stereo (Again, to see the stereo image in 3d you have to cross your eyes until the two images meet in the middle, at this point you are looing at the right image with your left eye and the left with your right and the depth perception illusion should make it look true 3d)


The gif is a third of the size, because I can’t actually cross my eyes far enough if it’s any larger, though I rendered it out at this size. Be careful someone doesn’t give you a fright while you’re doing this or your eyes might stick like that 🙂

stereoscopic 3d Rukia

This is something I’ve done before once or twice, free viewing 3d, you cross your eyes so your left eye is looking at the right picture and viceversa, and the image “pops” like it was true 3d

It’s almost impossible to do with large size images though, so I’ve resized it down to a manageable size.

Here’s the anaglyph version too, if anyone has a pair of those funky red and blue glasses available (Less strain on the old eyeballs)