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Stereogram versions – fund it for 5 points

There will be a number of things that will be “always available” to fund without me having to offer it explicitly, one of these will be freeviewing 3d, or stereogram versions, for a nominal 5 points.

Ekartia still has 35 points left – new signups for what’s left of this month will get 2x the usual amount of points, 20 for 10$, 50 for 20$ and 100 for 40$ – it’s never going to be this cheap again!

Remember also you can link in from your site for points and valid critiques (i.e. stuff that gets me to correct a flaw) also earn points.

Freeviewing 3d again

Like I said, I figured out how to look at these when they are large (Before I was only able to do it with thumbnail sized ones) so I’ll render out 3d versions of most of the stuff I make, if no one objects (It can be tiring to look at I guess…)

So the trick I found is to move your finger in front of your eyes, focusing on it but paying attention to the blurred images in the background. You stop your finger when the middle image coalesces and then you relax until the background image comes into focus (Slowly moving the finger left and right helps). the idea is for your left eye to be looking at the right image and the right eye the left, but crossing your eyes on their own is almost impossible, so the finger (Or a pen or whatever, held in front of your nose) helps with the positioning.