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fund it: Anal Doggie style starfire

Let’s say the dude is beast boy after some mutagenic accident?

I can model an accurate Beast Boy if anyone funds it, of course. Time I had some more male models… but I imagine people are going to prefer I model girls, and there’s so many to choose from- this post has the current list of characters available to fund

20 points for the starfire animation and 50 points for beast boy if anyone wants the git (I doubt it but I’m willing to be surprised).

Starfire buggered, cont.

Well Ekartia stepped up and funded the continued anal adventures of Starfire, these go in the members area as they’re just provisional test renders. Only final versions will be posted in the open, there have to be some perks to being a member, and it’ll cut down on WIP versions of animations circulating.

these are low res and have some flaws that need correcting, I switched the male’s shading to match starfires it makes more difference than I thought.

Edit, swapped in the newer animations.

edit 2 updated longer higher res animations, now with moving hair!