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Cammy sex animations

There we go, all but the first require login and are for members only, you need to join if you like my work and want me to continue making more. 🙂 (The dollar exchange rate is killing me)

All animated gifs even if they’re a little large, I kind of like animated gifs, the compression is kinder to the animations than flash is. I’m currently rendering some with the guy transparent, since he does obscure too much of the action.

I bet porn producers would like to be able to make their male actors transparent, it does come in very handy. Straight porn of course… 🙂

Katt flash with interactive camera angles

Aand it’s ready. There are things I’d tweak but I’ve already spent long enough on this so far. Once I get a bit more comfortable with flash I’ll try to do more ambitious control schemes.

Members can click on the image, enter their password and load the animation, clicking on the icon/logo changes the camera angles successively.

Non members can either signup or keep lurking and leeching the next freebies I post. It’s all good!