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Katt flash with interactive camera angles

Aand it’s ready. There are things I’d tweak but I’ve already spent long enough on this so far. Once I get a bit more comfortable with flash I’ll try to do more ambitious control schemes.

Members can click on the image, enter their password and load the animation, clicking on the icon/logo changes the camera angles successively.

Non members can either signup or keep lurking and leeching the next freebies I post. It’s all good!

And we have penetration


2:30 minutes 43 megabytes MPG4 avi, link leads to the full movie (Login required, join here)

I’m a little frustrated with the length of the animation, a few minutes isn’t much, on the other hand I’ve been looking at other hentai animations and pretty much they have simple 1 second loops going for a whole minute with a little bit of panning around, or else extremely short sex scenes that last seconds.

Will be giving Katt a break next week and focusing on other charactes. Elves probably.