And we have penetration


2:30 minutes 43 megabytes MPG4 avi, link leads to the full movie (Login required, join here)

I’m a little frustrated with the length of the animation, a few minutes isn’t much, on the other hand I’ve been looking at other hentai animations and pretty much they have simple 1 second loops going for a whole minute with a little bit of panning around, or else extremely short sex scenes that last seconds.

Will be giving Katt a break next week and focusing on other charactes. Elves probably.

One thought on “And we have penetration”

  1. I love her face in the above gif. Hmm this movie is seriously a mixed bag. it suffors mostly from directing issues I would guess. It stays too long on some boring and repeditous movements. the models all look great but with the exception of a few sexy looks or shots here or there it is really repeditive and rather boring in parts.
    when I have more time I’ll point out areas. If I am not mistaken though, you did try and mix it up a bit in that last edit with multiple angles and such, it helped, but still needs a bit.

    Now animation wise there are far too many scenes where say Katts ass is moving, but her back and the guy in fornt of her a deathly still. Evertything needs to move a little, even if it is to express just breathing, otherwise the stillness of it is distracting. Also, the sidereweb/reflection effect of the cum is alright I guess, but that dribble on her cheek the entire video is kinda gross, cant she lick it off at the beginning instead of having a cum boogerr hanging on her cheek the entire film?

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