Holy shit

Cammy hentai

Holy shit, actual content in the members area! . Last week I finally made a couple of breakthroughs but I figured I better wait until I had some actual porn to post 🙂

update: posted an almost final version, hi res soon.
update 26th: Pretty much final version is up, 5 meg xVid. Happy Kurisumasu!

9 thoughts on “Holy shit”

  1. God I love this. Very nice work 🙂

    Of course I’d like to see a few more dicks involved. But you know me, I just love gangbangs 🙂

    Keep up the great action!

  2. ::Sigh:: once again off to a good start that came to a grinding halt. How ya doin man? Still got a creative block or is it technical problems?

  3. wow, that turned out pretty good, the animation is great and the end had me laughing. A few of the camera changes are a bit too abrupt and I wish you would have stayed on a few poses a bit longer, but all in all a very good piece. could use a background though. Do you have plans of connecting all the Tifa onm the vouch movies? Oh, and happy new year!!

  4. Great flic. I love how it turned out. The part at the end owned (would have liked a bigger semen mess, or multiple guys… but thats just me :P)
    Cant wait to see what you churn out next. Have you thought of taking some of the series you already have and combining them like this?

  5. RE4 x3 Hey its a great game, good enough reason to get side tracked in my book. Anyway this is some good stuff you got going. Keep it up.

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