4 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions #1”

  1. You know, I am finding that I am a fan of funtanari, but only when used on pre exhisting char. This picture I hate to say is unremarkable one because the woman has mno sense of uniqueness to her she is very boring looking, and two if you are gonna go Funtanari give the girl some lumber!! It looks like she’s toting all of two inches there!

  2. ah, dude if you want to go funtanari you REALLY need to give morrigan or lilith a penis and have them go at it. They are succubi after all and would naturallt be able to switch equipment. I give three votes for that scene!!

  3. I’m a pretty big fan of futanari and personally like that pic. I don’t like girls with huge cocks and I also appreciate HKs wanting to get away from fanart. I like it.

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