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Arm setup

Working on my model’s arm/shoulder setup, figured how to have both inverse and direct kinematics with a simple change. These are two different ways to control character’s limbs so they either follow the hand or the movement is directed by the shoulder (In the case of the arms). It’s important to be able to use both kinds because some movements look wrong when using the wrong kind of kinematics, and since I suck at rigging I’ve mostly been muddling along with inverse 🙂

The problem is whenever I upgrade my character rigs it runs the risk of making my older animations no longer compatible (Some old ones I can’t even open without crashing the 3d program!) so instead of building an ever increasing library of movements it’s all a bit of a mess.

Dunno if anyone cares about this kind of technical detail on a porn site but there you go 😛

Naga spin

Damn hay fever is doing me in this year… snrff


Been tweaking Naga a little in preparation to doing some animations with her, finishing some of the started ones. I never got her clothing quite right so I’m rebuilding it bit by bit, which is why she’s less than fully clothed, ahem.

Was going to make this a simple “spin on a turntable” type gif but then I decided to actually animate her twirling around.

Moving highlights

Someone a while back pointed out that the hair highlights in one of my animations should move when the character moves it’s head, at the time I didn’t take it into account because most anime don’t bother with making the hair shinies dynamic, often they’re part of the character’s look much like the patterns in the eye reflections, but it’s easy enough to try out and see how mobile highlights look so here’s a test. The highlights in this case aren’t a true reflection of any light, they’re just a pattern that isn’t tied to the character’s position so they’ll move around when it moves, sort of mimicking the effect of fixed light sources. Sort of? 🙂