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Hyper girl game concept


I’ve been toying with the idea of a secondary game project using what I’ve learned from the main game project, Drow Huntress.

“Hyper Girl adventure” or “Hyper Girl vs the probe” is a sidescroller starring a power girl/supergirl/Mary Marvel style flying brick superheroine, using  sidescroller gameplay.



An alien invasion is taking place in *** city and our heroine must stop the alien probes from carrying away the female inhabitants of the city to the floating mothership in the background.

At first the aliens will be unable to affect the protagonist much beyond groping attempts as they try to probe her, but as the level continues they will adapt as they analize her super physiology and begin to produce countermeasures.  I have some interesting gameplay mechanics in mind for power inhibitors or kryptonite style weaknesses.

 The game would be using the 3d engine but keeping the axis limited to a side view will simplify things a lot, while letting me pull some interesting 2.5d effects (Like aliens flying off with hostages into the background)

3d anaglyph rendering


One of the render options I discovered recently is to have the game be red/green 3d, so it looks 3d if you have the glasses for it. I would have to optimize the camera angles to make the most of it…

Arm setup

Working on my model’s arm/shoulder setup, figured how to have both inverse and direct kinematics with a simple change. These are two different ways to control character’s limbs so they either follow the hand or the movement is directed by the shoulder (In the case of the arms). It’s important to be able to use both kinds because some movements look wrong when using the wrong kind of kinematics, and since I suck at rigging I’ve mostly been muddling along with inverse 🙂

The problem is whenever I upgrade my character rigs it runs the risk of making my older animations no longer compatible (Some old ones I can’t even open without crashing the 3d program!) so instead of building an ever increasing library of movements it’s all a bit of a mess.

Dunno if anyone cares about this kind of technical detail on a porn site but there you go 😛