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Dye Fantasy & site update

Check out this very cool music video animation by Jérémie Périn.

It’s pretty cool. Personally, I find it interesting because it contains themes I cannot actually use in a paysite with credit card processing, due to visa regulations. We have arrived at a curious sitution where a mainstream website like youtube can show more explicit content than a porn site.

Last month my payment processor, verotel announced changes that mean I’ll probably have to stop using them, so I’ve been thinking how to go forward. I’ve done some tests posting videos on large porn tube sites such as xhamster and others, and the results have been dissapointing.

To continue with the paysite I need to work within the constraints of the modern porn market, which demands large amounts of video content, and yet keep it tame and uncontroversial so it won’t go beyond the narrow constraints of credit card regulations. For me, animated erotica is only interesting when it’s creative and mindbending, precisely like that video above. And yet I’v never been able to do anything like this because I’ve been working under these constraints.

So, my plan forward is the following, I open a non-adult site with 3d assets- character models, animations, material that can be sold via simple non adult processors like paypal, and I will continue my adult work separately here using alternate means: Dlsite, for example, which has less restrictions, despite the need for mosaic censoring or others.

Getting the hang of Blender

Ha ha, still not ready for prime time but at least I have something with boobs in the viewport, big improvement from geometric figures.

Site almost went boom over a script upgrade, but it almost made me feel glad, so I’m likely going to change things around, make it all a lot more streamlined and less confusing.

Rukia animation is a no go apparently, not enough signups – I suppose I should have tried to promote the idea a bit more rather than just rely on this places dwindling traffic but…

My animation master PC is veery slow to work with but I’ll try  to post some content next week. Thanks to the few who are sticking around, you’re very welcome.