Moving highlights

Someone a while back pointed out that the hair highlights in one of my animations should move when the character moves it’s head, at the time I didn’t take it into account because most anime don’t bother with making the hair shinies dynamic, often they’re part of the character’s look much like the patterns in the eye reflections, but it’s easy enough to try out and see how mobile highlights look so here’s a test. The highlights in this case aren’t a true reflection of any light, they’re just a pattern that isn’t tied to the character’s position so they’ll move around when it moves, sort of mimicking the effect of fixed light sources. Sort of? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Moving highlights”

  1. Sorry to disagree with you guys, I preferred the first version. I really don’t know why animators don’t bother with this effect. Maybe because drawing them by hand is a chore, but hey, if it comes from the 3d render, more power to it.

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