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Multiple enemies, livestream?

multipleenemiesI have been working on support for multiple enemies on screen, it seems it can handle a few without much difficulty or slowdown even on my old laptop, the 3d models need to be optimized to be lighter though.

There’s a weird bug where the enemy will go into a injury reaction loop if he’s been hit at the same time he initiates a grab. I need to figure out why this happens.

Would anyone be interested in watching me work on livestream? I feel it might be like watching paint dry, but I guess it would help keep me focused.  Other 3d artists like Jessica Anner do it so maybe I should too.

Hyper girl game concept


I’ve been toying with the idea of a secondary game project using what I’ve learned from the main game project, Drow Huntress.

“Hyper Girl adventure” or “Hyper Girl vs the probe” is a sidescroller starring a power girl/supergirl/Mary Marvel style flying brick superheroine, using  sidescroller gameplay.



An alien invasion is taking place in *** city and our heroine must stop the alien probes from carrying away the female inhabitants of the city to the floating mothership in the background.

At first the aliens will be unable to affect the protagonist much beyond groping attempts as they try to probe her, but as the level continues they will adapt as they analize her super physiology and begin to produce countermeasures.  I have some interesting gameplay mechanics in mind for power inhibitors or kryptonite style weaknesses.

 The game would be using the 3d engine but keeping the axis limited to a side view will simplify things a lot, while letting me pull some interesting 2.5d effects (Like aliens flying off with hostages into the background)

Support my project!

screenshotdrow.jpg I have an announcement to make, as of february 2015 I am once again a full time freelancer. This means I have time to dedicate to my various projects, but only if I receive support.

If you wish to help me continue making this game please click here, and signup as a patron on the level you can afford.