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Alpha 0.2 release


-Placeholder start screen implemented with mouse support, background video texture and intro music (Soundtrack credit: Calvin Morris)  Credit link is also clickable in game, please warn me if it causes problems like opening multiple browser windows. Bitcoin donation QR code graphic can be mouseovered to grow

-Cameras are now set to follow the character rather than fixed, shift makes the camera focus tighter for aiming

-Toon render outlines around models.

-Q key makes character turn 180º (Slightly glitchy)

-New resting animation.

-New falling animation when character goes over the cliff.

-Pushing animation when character walks into a pushable object.

-Enemy now cannot see player through obstacles, allowing for sneaking gameplay (Problem: New vision system is very narrow focus, I’m leaving the orc’s vision indicator visible for debugging, it’s a red line)

Enemy has a new pathing system that will allow him to follow around obstacles (Needs work)

Fixed dynamic shadows, as a compromise the shadow casting light follows the main character.

Added life bar, it has logic for damage and healing but no events affect it just yet.

3d anaglyph rendering


One of the render options I discovered recently is to have the game be red/green 3d, so it looks 3d if you have the glasses for it. I would have to optimize the camera angles to make the most of it…

Drow Game alpha 0.1 release



I’ve released an early playable version of the game for download. There is not a lot of content but some game mechanics are already present. The character can run or walk, interact with objects, use two kinds of weapons and there are some sound effects.

I have abandoned the web plugin as it had some compatibility issues and does not appear to be updated anymore. Now the game will be a standalone download. The support files should not change so I have bundled them in a separate zip file, new versions of the game will only require an update of the game executable.

Everything about the game is subject to change, textures, models, animations, lighting and effects are at an extremely preliminary stage.

Mac and linux versions are possible in subsequent releases, depending on user interest.

Known bugs:

Crossbow bolts reset after excaping from a grab

Some weird interactions between characters when actions overlap

If the game gives you problems or you find other bugs please leave a comment, stating your system specs and as much detail as possible