Holy shit

Cammy hentai

Holy shit, actual content in the members area! . Last week I finally made a couple of breakthroughs but I figured I better wait until I had some actual porn to post 🙂

update: posted an almost final version, hi res soon.
update 26th: Pretty much final version is up, 5 meg xVid. Happy Kurisumasu!

blast from the past

If you’ve been a member for a long time, this might ring a bell..comic

Still nothing new in the member area, sorry. I’m working on a redesign based on wordpress.

I haven’t received a lot of feedback on the 100$/character thing, but a number of people have signed up again with long term options which I guess is a “yes” to that…

I’m thinking of offering “points” equivalent to membership fees for collaboration towards the site. For example for writing a review of a particular movie or OVA you get 15-25 points that can be added to the total to request a character.

I’ll also add a section where you can combine requests, say you’ve got 50 points you can join up with one or 2 people who also want that character done to make the total.

Blowjobs for all!

blowjobs for all

Made some changes, upgraded the blog software, added some plugins like easy image upload, (I’m lazy, in case you hadn’t noticed) also added an automated translation plugin! It works with google’s auto translator and the results are kinda awful at least in the languages I can understand, but it’s better than nothing.