blast from the past

If you’ve been a member for a long time, this might ring a bell..comic

Still nothing new in the member area, sorry. I’m working on a redesign based on wordpress.

I haven’t received a lot of feedback on the 100$/character thing, but a number of people have signed up again with long term options which I guess is a “yes” to that…

I’m thinking of offering “points” equivalent to membership fees for collaboration towards the site. For example for writing a review of a particular movie or OVA you get 15-25 points that can be added to the total to request a character.

I’ll also add a section where you can combine requests, say you’ve got 50 points you can join up with one or 2 people who also want that character done to make the total.

2 thoughts on “blast from the past”

  1. you know you had to offer the comment incentive after you deleted the thread where I almost had 100 posts…. Haha I love these girls by the way, the dudes a tool though. If ever some of your previous works needed to be connected its these girls.

  2. I’m never going to put as much effort into the dudes as I do with the gals, fact of life… 🙂

    And no, comments won’t give you points. I was thinking of
    new artist links with a quick review/description (Only to artist official sites, not pirate sites), reviews of movies and series (both mainstream and hentai) and videogames. I can use all that to make the site rank more on the search engines. Also for links/plugs that send me visitors.

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