small update

I added the high rez Katt clip – it’s the same animation so I might revisit it in a week or so to make some minor improvements, I’ll start on something new and start posting tonight.

I´ve also been adding new sites to the artists links using the new script, check them out in the archive page – feel free to add comments or reviews, and even links of your own (Only original art sites please).

I had another “death in the family” on sunday, it was only a pet this time, but I’m still plenty bummed about it. 🙁

One thought on “small update”

  1. The high rez clip is verry well done and Is a testament to how far you have come. This is what it was meant to be mini movies as oposed to a billion and five clips. Two thumbs up man, I am very much looking forward to more of your great work.

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