Well, bugger

The ikonboard forum died on me suddenly – I haven’t a clue what is wrong with it. It doesn’t look like I’ll be bringing it back since it wasn’t really too active and quite honestly I don’t have a clue how to fix it 🙂

Now, better news. I added a bunch of artist sites to the anarcholinks section, it seems to work nicely and is easier than writing html pages (Yay for the future). It also allows other users to both add sites and comment on them, making it a little more interactive.

I’ve added an updated version of the Katt clip (Login required), it comes out to almost 40 seconds, and I’m fairly pleased with the end. I’ll be churning out a full sized version with a few fixes soon, and then I’ll start on something else.

Also, as an experiment I’ve created an animated avatar page. I noticed some people were hotlinking animated gifs off my site as avatars so I figure there might be an interest. Most are sort of explicit, so I’ll be adding some tamer ones as time goes on.

3 thoughts on “Well, bugger”

  1. Wow! I really love the way the hair turned out, and the climax is excellent. The back scenes are pretty sexy, but the birds eye view was the best. she could have used more facial expresions though.

  2. Hmm, I already rendered out a higher res version, I guess I could do another pass with some expressions, maybe later, I have to start something else now. Possibly Tifa and tentacles, we shall see…

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