Progress on all fronts!


Got some more details on the clothes, face. Will start working on the hair next. This is fun 🙂

Also added a little more to the Katt animation (login required)

Quick edit to add another progress shot, no need to make another post for more of the same.

She’s starting to look sort of acceptable, I think, still plenty of tweaking to go.

4 thoughts on “Progress on all fronts!”

  1. looking good, especially the long hair. But i wonder, if you can do long hair, why go for the short hair on your morrigan model?

  2. I guess I just used a short hair reference when I made her… There are several different morrigan looks out there, purple/green hair, she even has an eyepatch in some… 🙂

  3. ToPeDTroFile

    What a sad f..k U R???!!! So when you had that once fave photo & U were w.nk ing to it, it weren’t Ur wife who was sleeping in the room with the TV on while you did this at your computer, it was your mama wasn’t it? You sad, sad, pathetic person.

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