Naga fuck

Naga fucking

(Linked to a slightly longer version in the member area, login required)

Well, finally some porn. I’m not going to do the poll thing, these models take too much work so I’ve decided I should do all sorts of things with them so as to not waste the effort made in building them. So basically for every character I need to do an animation of every kind, straight sex, lesbian, tentacle, gangbang, etc, etc (Suggestions welcome). I’m thinking of cleaning up the older Linna model and pairing them up. Having only one is a bit unbalanced after all…

2 thoughts on “Naga fuck”

  1. i am so happy you switched male models. she looks pretty good. but the movie is too small dimension wise to get a good feel for detail. oh and I jump for joy with the prospecvt of a lina naga scene

  2. Nice. I’m really glad I requested this, and I agree on having lina and naga interact. Maybe some tentacle action :). You’re doing a wonderful job, HK!

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