Naga boobies

Naga pops her top

Image links to a 10 second 2meg avi (Login required). I’m gonna shoot for daily updates again, 10 seconds a day, 6 days a week gives me a minute of animation per week, which isn’t bad. We’ll see if I can keep it up

The background is just some thing I tossed out playing with terragen a while ago, I’ll probably switch it for something else

Edit: yes I have been making progress but problems with the compositing app. means I haven’t been able to upload the finished versions, will upload the whole minute at the end of the week, probably.

5 thoughts on “Naga boobies”

  1. The background actually isn’t bad. ok, her open mouth with the tounge in it looks bizarre for the first few seconds until she sits down, I LOVE the interaction with her clothing, but you can see her toes on her boot, I recomend barefeet! both because I love feet and because its od that boots have toes.

    By the by have you had a chance to review my request?


  2. Yep, that request is a go, I needed to do more elves anyway, so watch this space.

    I might try a mixed comic book/animation approach to add dialogue, because the silent movie placards thing is a bit too retro 🙂

    Naga’s trademark triangle shaped smile is a 2d effect I really shouldn’t hold for more than a few frames in a 3d animation. As for the boots, yeah that’s basically because I cloned the model to make the clothes that would animate with the same rig, so those boots started off as feet :/ I’ll re-render those frames, plenty of chances for barefeet later…

  3. wait wait, you could always do subtitles? anyway I’ll contact you via e-mail so we don’t clutter this board. Thanks man!

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