Katt facial

Katt facial

Just a quick test, using the same kind of applied texture as the previous weird gif, but in a more understandable context. 🙂

Spooge is a big part of hentai, but animating it in ways that aren’t terminally time consuming isn’t so easy…

One thought on “Katt facial”

  1. eh, I have watched a lot of digi cumshots from several hentai serties, and no one has been able to make it anything other than odd looking at best and nausiating at worse. Yours in this last clip just looks odd. like a fuzzt distortion on her face, it does not look like anything, but it seems to sparkle. I don’t know I don’t thinki the cumshot is anything that should be a mainstay of digi prawn anytime soon.. Although, the one you had for your cammy one was not horrible.

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