Jill from above

Had some trouble with the model getting corrupted so I had to go to a backup (Thank god for automated backups. Dreamhost gives me so much disk space I can use my hosting to backup my harddrive)

Added an extra top view for the animation, plus a loop at the end when the hunter starts to fuck her. It starts getting complicated so I might split the animation into discreet scenes.

Also fixed a mistake I made with the framerate at the beginning, I thought it was going slow because it was loading, but I mistakenly set the framerate on the first clip too slow.

As usual members can click on the animated gif to see the full animation. You can signup here if you’re not a member.

One thought on “Jill from above”

  1. You know, I think this one would work better if he rubbed his penis between her ass cheeks a few more strokes before he entered her.

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