Jill animation with interactive camera changes

Okay, here’s a test of the new format I’m planning the member area animations to be in – trying to pretend I can match someone who just points a camera at a couple of people fucking is just not realistic, a single minute of animation still takes ages to animate and render, but I figure I can give you long, not obviously repeating loops with a level of control over the camera.

This one in particular doesn’t actually loop and there’s only one camera angle change (Press the logo to activate it) but I’ll do further animations with plenty of options.

Click on the animated gif to see the full flash movie (login required – you can join here)

3 thoughts on “Jill animation with interactive camera changes”

  1. I like her look and her faces, her movements are very nice. Is this youtube style player the new norm? Can you still download the animations with them? Cause honestly thats the selling point for the site is being able to download your works.

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