Drow game


Another game test, now a character that walks around and does “something” when you press the spacebar. As you can see she’s some sort of Drow elf.

The game uses the burster web browser plugin, which you can download free here

I’m thinking of some kind of dungeon exploring game where she goes around doing various tasks and exploring new environments. I’m shooting for expanding the game modularly, with new areas opened as I post updates, and new possibilities such as new actions, interactions with other characters and environments, etc.

The game would be free, playable from the browser or downloadable, with ad and donation support to keep me going. I can still take credit cards though the site membership so if you want to donate now by joining be my guest. I’m also considering accepting bitcoin donations.

Anyway ,I’ll be uploading more complex versions as I get better at using the game engine, clothes next, and a run animation when you press shift+uparrow