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Game news!

Right! From now on the game & updates will be posted at

Almost got some playable gameplay ready… the main character can shoot her crossbow, the enemies have hp, waypoints, follow behaviours and grab motions… will probably upload tomorrow

Game updates


Okay she now has the option to push two blocks behind her, one makes a noise when it moves. The chasing block still follows her around but ahead of her is another one that escapes, if you crouch (spacebar) she will pick it up and complain about it because she can’t drop it yet.

Also  there’sa  torus that makes the world go black and white, and a block that leads to another scene that is only just being developed, where she meets a new friend.

Also falling off the edge of the world now resets the game.

Game update

Game updated, some improved lighting with shadows, she now leans into obstacles when pushing and complains about it in a text overlay, the obstacle on the left is too heavy to move. Also the camera now follows the character around.

And I just added a friendly companion cube that follows her around and tries to hump her leg.

Drow game update


Okay, some additions. The drow character now has a nice blue skin tone and a kind of hacked out celshading edges, as well as some lighting. Still no clothes!

You can move her around using the arrow keys and left shift+uparrow makes her run (The arms look weird due to a kinematics issue, ignore that). There’s also an obstacle, a cube you can push by walking into it.

I’ve also added some javascript code that should autodetect if you don’t have the burster plugin (Needed to run the game in browser) and link you to the site to download it.