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Cammy Leaks

Cammy surveys the damage from her latest bout…

DP and some facefucking to come later, sorry for the over long gap between posts, but things have been busy.

This is not the animation I’ve been working on, rather just a quick render to show the state of Cammy’s asshole during the proceedings. There’s also a bit of spunk dribbling out but it’s not easy to see. I can tell why hentai animators just go with floods of the stuff, no chance the audience will miss what’s going on…

Cammy winking

Making some title images for a welcome page, this is probably a little too explicit if I really want it to be a “warning” style page (Something I’ve done without lately) but I was working on the model’s vag and this is as good a way to see how it came out as any. Also improved the lighting of this scene a little, I think. All the others look very washed out and plain in comparison.