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Members area open – All animations now CC-BY

I’ve removed the password protection from the members area, now it is open and all animations are accessible. All my work is to be considered CC-BY (Distribute free, giving credit)

The membership functionality is still working, so if anyone is interested in me making more content I’ll try to repurpose it into some kind of patreon style reward tier.

Why not use patreon? Well, I have a non-adult project I want to use patreon for, and I don’t trust non adult companies to handle adult projects. A lot of adult artists are using patreon and I wish them luck, but chances are they will shut down all adult content one day out of the blue when the credit card companies notice what is going on.

Game news!

Right! From now on the game & updates will be posted at

Almost got some playable gameplay ready… the main character can shoot her crossbow, the enemies have hp, waypoints, follow behaviours and grab motions… will probably upload tomorrow

Game updates


Okay she now has the option to push two blocks behind her, one makes a noise when it moves. The chasing block still follows her around but ahead of her is another one that escapes, if you crouch (spacebar) she will pick it up and complain about it because she can’t drop it yet.

Also  there’sa  torus that makes the world go black and white, and a block that leads to another scene that is only just being developed, where she meets a new friend.

Also falling off the edge of the world now resets the game.