various render styles


Playing around with various render options to see what the results are like. I kinda like the bright first frame look but it loses the shadows I’ve been using which I also kinda like. The final one doesn’t look too good for Jill but it makes the hunter look better though it completely loses the background. Choices, choices. And that’s without changing the actual lighting at all!

Jill from above

Had some trouble with the model getting corrupted so I had to go to a backup (Thank god for automated backups. Dreamhost gives me so much disk space I can use my hosting to backup my harddrive)

Added an extra top view for the animation, plus a loop at the end when the hunter starts to fuck her. It starts getting complicated so I might split the animation into discreet scenes.

Also fixed a mistake I made with the framerate at the beginning, I thought it was going slow because it was loading, but I mistakenly set the framerate on the first clip too slow.

As usual members can click on the animated gif to see the full animation. You can signup here if you’re not a member.

Jill animation with interactive camera changes

Okay, here’s a test of the new format I’m planning the member area animations to be in – trying to pretend I can match someone who just points a camera at a couple of people fucking is just not realistic, a single minute of animation still takes ages to animate and render, but I figure I can give you long, not obviously repeating loops with a level of control over the camera.

This one in particular doesn’t actually loop and there’s only one camera angle change (Press the logo to activate it) but I’ll do further animations with plenty of options.

Click on the animated gif to see the full flash movie (login required – you can join here)