short progress update

Urrr, so it turns out the program I was using to change the animations frame rate was doing so by discarding frames instead of changing their duration.


No wonder the animation looked choppy. Time to re-render a ton of stuff…

Here’s a gif of katt getting tentacled while we wait (Old one, sorry, just pandering to the freeloaders normal visitors:

Katt Vs Tentacle plant

Elves animation update

Okay, here’s something (6 meg mpg4 avi, requires login)

It’s far from complete and less than perfect, but I think I’ve finally got a handle on animating and rendering longer chunks of animation. Will be finishing it soon and moving onto something else. Probably tentacles 🙂
The member area still needs a redesign along the lines of the rest of the site, I’ll do that over the next few days.