2 thoughts on “Morrigan and Lilith revisited”

  1. Yo it’s been a while. I liked the elf art you were starting, I just did not like the abruptness of some of the scene changes. And the long Katt animation you did was after all one of your best. That being said, If you can churn out the quaility of work shown in this Morrigan lillith clip and still make it a 20+ second animation in the end then I think that would be really cool. Of course I would go for a minute long because you have done a min long clip that hads turned out very well. But I look forward to seeing what comes up. This latest one is great to start with the color and viewing angle are far superioir to the morrigan lillith clips you have done in the past.

    Any chance of seeing the Tiffa spank pics being strung together again? You had done a quickie splice a while ago, but you deleted it from your sight and I have not seen it since. well, looking forward to what is in store.

  2. Yes, definitely, I’ll work on that and others in alternate days, to keep variety (A big problem with working with a single clip, it gets boring)

    BTW, I narrowed Morrigan’s face as per your suggestion 🙂

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