I’m going to remake all my previous sets of clips into longer single file animations

I’ll start with this lass here

(Notice that she’s casting a shadow on the ground – ooh, fancy.)

and follow up with Aya Brea, Tifa and the rest. After that, new stuff.

To clarify on the new request procedure, It applies to new characters, I’ll be posting work in progress clips of the animations as I make them and I will be open to suggestions while they’re being done.


I got my desktop PC back so now I have no excuse!

It’s not actually fixed but the store guy was nice enough to give me a spare graphics card while the replacement is sent in. No more extended desktop, but really, it was flashy but not so useful.

Right, damage control – September was the worst month for updates yet, so I’m offering a blanket 2x credit on membership, i.e. if you signed up for 15 days I’ll give you 30, if you signed up for 3 months I’ll give you 6. In order to actually benefit from this you have to cancel your subscription, of course. Applies to anyone who had a subscription during june-september, since the whole summer was kinda lame.

Back when I was using globill as my payment processor I could add time to people’s subscriptions, but they went out of business and verotel doesn’t let me do that…