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  1. I pray this has some group action going on:)

    I’m a huge fan of your gangbangs. Would love to see one of your longer animations
    (IE, the last catgirl) consist of a total gangbangfest. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, it was going to be a straight remake of the previous clips starring the elf girl, but I changed my mind at the last moment. The Aya Brea remake will be a straight remake with plenty of gangbang action.

  3. I remember back before this little project was even a serious website, when it was prettymuch just the Y! group. Saw the link for it on the old digitalpink boards, a site which has had 1 layout change and no content updates since then from what I see. Just wanted to say how very far it has come, from the straight cg image days to the advent of animations to this new, improved animation style with longer clips. Wish that the old comic ideas getting tossed around had come to something, that’s the first that was seen of the Dark Elf chick: “I might be using this character in a comic I’m working on.” Still, all in all very good show. Wish I hadn’t neglected my y! account and lost most of that old archive of emailed images, since after a while the Y! group stopped archiving past 2 months of backlogged stuff, and then the site turned pay and I’m still broke. Might have to see what I can do about scraping something up though. Keep it up, man.

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