I got my desktop PC back so now I have no excuse!

It’s not actually fixed but the store guy was nice enough to give me a spare graphics card while the replacement is sent in. No more extended desktop, but really, it was flashy but not so useful.

Right, damage control – September was the worst month for updates yet, so I’m offering a blanket 2x credit on membership, i.e. if you signed up for 15 days I’ll give you 30, if you signed up for 3 months I’ll give you 6. In order to actually benefit from this you have to cancel your subscription, of course. Applies to anyone who had a subscription during june-september, since the whole summer was kinda lame.

Back when I was using globill as my payment processor I could add time to people’s subscriptions, but they went out of business and verotel doesn’t let me do that…

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