Dlsite affiliate program

Just a quick post to mention that I’ve signed up for the Dlsite affiliate program. Dlsite is the number one Japanese online dojin and erotic art site on the net, and they recently opened an english language version open to everyone. They have most of the images sets, animations and games from the best creators in the business. Check ’em out!

2 thoughts on “Dlsite affiliate program”

  1. They have TONS of stuff there that is in English too. Oh and you don’t have to worry about funny currency exchanges, they have a list price in yen, but under it the equivalent price is in dollars.

    If you do decide to check them out, sign up at their site. Besides having a wish list, if you buy something form them and are signed in at the time, they will mark it off in their server so that you don’t buy the same thing twice. Also, it’s a great way to not worry if you lost the copy that you downloaded because they’ll let you download it more than once.

    You could spend countless hours there, and make a nice and fat wish list (mine’s already reached $10k), but always come back here and support hentaikid!

    @hentaikid: Ever think about trying to submit your work to DLsite?

    1. Yes actually, I’m putting together a set. Funnily enough they don’t accept rule34 stuff from outside Japan so it’ll have to be original stuff, I’ll be sending them some elf-stuff.

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