Couple more stereo tests

All my previous stereoscopic tests didn’t seem to “pop” as much as they should so I tried to push the eye spacing distance, these are 14 and 21 centimeters instead of the default 7 cm and I think the 3d effect is a lot more noticeable.

Longer animation of this scene will be posted soon.

2 thoughts on “Couple more stereo tests”

  1. It just depends on how far the monitor is from where you look at it. I had no problems with the other ones and this one is no different. The closer the monitor is from you, the eye spacing difference should be farther and vice versa. My monitor is almost two feet from where I sit!

    The resulting 3D picture should be in the middle of the two pictures and when the pictures are closer to your face, the resulting eye movement to see the 3D image is greater whether you try to cross-eye it or view beyond the picture.

    It all has to do with image draw distance from your eyes and vanishing point. Finally, something optics class is good for.

    1. Sure but the virtual eye spacing determines how different the two images are and thus the strength of the 3d effect, if it’s zero then both images are identical and no matter how close or far you squint it’s not going to pop out

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