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Katt flash with interactive camera angles

Aand it’s ready. There are things I’d tweak but I’ve already spent long enough on this so far. Once I get a bit more comfortable with flash I’ll try to do more ambitious control schemes.

Members can click on the image, enter their password and load the animation, clicking on the icon/logo changes the camera angles successively.

Non members can either signup or keep lurking and leeching the next freebies I post. It’s all good!



I’ve had the more or less final version of this clip done for days but some problems keep delaying the final version, anyway for the time being the animated gif links to the lower res version (320×240) of the final clip, accessible for members. The final version will be twice the resolution and have interactive clicks to pick the camera angle.

I’m tempted to make a model of Nina, the winged girl and add her to the mix…