Damn, I really suck. The elves animation, if I ever finish it, ought to clock at almost 5 minutes, but I’m pretty bogged down with it. Took another stab at remaking the Tifa animations into a continuous clip, but I realized I hated the lighting, so I made a few lighting tests, of which I hate this one a little less that all the others.

Some health problems, computer problems and the new update of my 3D software is 100% buggier than before so I’ve had to spend a lot of time writing bug reports in the hopes that they’ll finally fix some, but regardless, we should see some semblance of regularity before the end of february (Shit we’re almost halfway through, where does the time go)

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  1. I actually like it. Seems much more clear than your first version. Also, puting all the clips together would make an awesome clip. I’d hope you do the rest with everything else you got. Would make great, great, material.

    Keep up the good work! I seriously live for the updates you have.

  2. Nice. I already put all of the clips together with “Video cleaner light” from River Past, which allows you to chain animated gifs and such together. It turned out pretty well. I’ve also beeen chaining some of the flash files together with “Amor SWF to Video converter”. Those two programs really make this site more fun! HK, you’re doing a really good job. I hope you get through your current slump and pump out work like you did when you first announced you were going to do an animation a day. Like the last person, I really look forward to updates.

  3. Sorry I didn’t reply to your last email, like I said messy LAN (Email is on one PC, connection needs to be physically changed, a mess)

    I got a bit burned out when I was doing the daily thing, but after trying only longer animations and getting very little up over long peroiods of time (Though if you count second for second, 30 one/two second clips or a 1 minute animation are sorta equivalent) I’ve decided to do a mixed approach.

    I’m also going to use the wordpress installation as site/content manager, let’s see how it works out. It definitely looks more polished 🙂

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