Some progress

I managed to fix the pay per-view gallery which didn’t work for a long time. Individual animations for 50cents each instead of a subscription. You do have to deposit 10$ first but they give a 5$ bonus and you can pick only the stuff you like. Some people seemed to prefer it.

Speaking of subscriptions, I was toying with the idea of abandoning the requests feature altogether, since I don’t feel it’s working out, but I’ve considered the alternative of offering a more explicit exchange: You spend the equivalent of 100$ in membership fees to my site (Some of you have already done this easily) and that buys you a character request which I create immediately. This keeps things fair since it rewards long term members and let’s face it, carrying out requests only makes sense for me if people stay subscribed longterm.

Feel free to comment here or in my email if you think this is a good idea (Bear in mind the alternative 🙂 )

Comments to this blog do not require registration, just type in your comment and once it’s posted and I’ve approved it all your following comments will be posted automatically – this is a spam protection measure, and it’s needed since I’m getting 12 comments a day from automated spambots. Meaning that if people don’t start using that feature I’ll have to turn it off since I get enough spam as it is without inviting anymore. 🙂

Oh, pics! I have been working on stuff, mainly a remake of my Aya Brea animations, with an updated
Aya Brea

I hooked up my normal 17″ monitor to my laptop and switched on the extended desktop option to give me a dual monitor setup. It’s kinda neat to have all this screen space!

2 thoughts on “Some progress”

  1. Well, I’d like to see the comment feature stay.
    It beats the old announcement-only yGroup, where
    occasionally some irresistable reply (or at least
    what seemed like one in my habitual sleep-deprived
    stupor) would occur to me, with no way to post it…
    Arrrrrgh! 8^D*

    Speaking of announcements, things seem to have
    settled in nicely over at the reincarnations of
    ECC, EAW, & CHCC at eListas. (See the page for their
    URLs.) We had a bit of bother recently with the
    eListas bandwidth limits (victims of their own
    popularity!), but we’ve got workarounds in place.
    You might consider posting a jpeg sample there
    once in a while, to let that audience know this
    blog is available… [Hint hint nudge nudge]

    Reserving request privileges for loyal long-term
    subscribers sounds sensible to me– for whatever
    my opinion’s worth. 8^j*

  2. Hm, yes, I’ve often considered allowing comments on the ygroup, but then I’d have to moderate it, to avoid spam (Even on announcement only it had that virus spam incident a year ago with the spoofed emails so I even have to approve my own comments now >:( )

    As for posting samples, oh god, I should probably write a spreadsheet with all the places I need to post in 🙂

    BTW, I meant to mail you about the forum thing, it kinda died on me all of a sudden so that sort of made the decision for me. I might be able to rescue it but there hardly seems to be a point now. Oh well, it was an interesting experiment.

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