How is this artwork created

Most of the images in this site are generated via 3d programs using celshader rendering. All character models, both original and fanart, used are custom made by me using reference artwork

hotlinking and image reposting

Hotlinking of any image or animation that isn’t behind a login screen is allowed and encouraged. I much prefer if you hotlink from the site than uploading to free image upload sites like fapomatic, imagecash or the like. Uploading to temporary hosts like imageboards or newsgroups is also allowed. Permanent non-commercial archiving on your own hosting is allowed as long as you place a link to my site in the page containing my work. Commercial use of my work is allowed only if you are a registered affiliate or have explicit permission


requests are for members only

As of October 2005 there’s a special rule for request involving creating new characters. All other requests are not affected, but if you want me to make a new character model, you must have spent 100$ in membership fees to the site (Can round up)

Therefore, if you want me to model say, Sailor Moon, you must have spent 100$ in membership. At which point you mail me and say, “HK, I command thee to model me a sailor moon”. Helps if you link to some sample images of reference artwork so I know what you want exactly. It does no good to ask me to model character X if you are going to be dissapointed because I didn’t pick the specific outfit/look you were looking for. If you want sailor moon with wings, you need to specify this.

If you want to get me working on a specific character quickly all you have to do is to convince a couple of your friends to signup and all agree on the same request, BTW.

  • Who keeps track of the amount spent?
  • You do, there are plenty of people who qualify, but it’s up to them, and you, to tell me when you’ve reached the required amount. Making models is extra work for me, so don’t expect me to run around asking you 🙂

  • Why are you doing this? It’s mean!
  • I don’t do commissions, per se, but giving members the option to request specific artwork is one of the main strengths of an original art site like mine. However, I was getting bogged down with requests and I had a hard time tracking if the people who made a given request were still around to see them. Custom artwork takes time and if I spend a week making a model for someone who joined for a month 5 months ago and never came back then I’m wasting my time. This way I’m rewarding people who have maintained an active membership for a good amount of time, plus I give you a bit of restraint (Some members had a “kid in the candy store” approach to requests, while others have been members for years without ever asking for a single thing. This balances it out a little.)

    Other considerations:

    – You can’t make “negative requests”. For example asking me to model sailor moon and then only place her in lesbian situations.

    – Members can still make requests and comments regarding the artwork that’s currently being created i.e. “Now show us that scene from above” or “add more tentacles”

    – I still reserve the right to refuse requests. I’m not too keen on making hentai of series I like, such as Azumanga Daioh or others. You can pick an alternate if I refuse your first pick. Also no lolis, sorry (Though I can do an “age advance” version).

    Original and rule34 hentai animations