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Help me with naming the Space station!

I want this game to have plenty of user input in it’s creation, so to begin with I’m asking for suggestions for what to call the giant space station whorehouse Starfire will fight to escape from. The working name for it is “Seraglio II” but eeeh, it just doesn’t click. I got the name for the game from a suggestion on /co so I’ll definitely use it if someone gives me good ideas! And you’ll get credited in the game if I use your suggestion, of course.

Spritesheet and animation

sprites sprites

I’ve been experimenting with creating spritesheets and using them in game, I’m fairly happy with the results and if I go 100% 2d this will enable me to produce a really light game both in filesize and in performance requirements, which was a bit of a problem with 3d models, so I think I’m going to go along with this method.

(Star’s leg shows a little there through her skirt due to geometry merging, I could fix it but maybe a split skirt look would be better, it is a porn game after all…)

The Slave collar

Orexius asked:

I notice she’s not got the collar you talked about earlier, is it going to be added on later, or is it not an actual visual element?

So, I had an idea about that.  Starfire’s design already incorporates a collar with a big gem on the front. Since this game is set before the Teen Titans, I thought that this could be the origin of this particular adornment.

So, the collar Starfire always wears is actually her slave collar, and she keeps it after finally deactivating it as a memento of her escape.

In game the gem could be a visual indicator of the collar’s status, showing red while active, blue when inactive.

Sprite rendering

starfiresprite2 starfiresprite

experimenting with 2d sprite generation, the game will probably be a mix of 2d and 3d elements to some degree, and possibly 2d sprites will be lighter for a game that has lots of stuff going on on screen. We shall see how it works out.