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Ichtyan oral

Part of a longer animation I’m working on. Remember her? Fish girl? Well there she is.

Dude is yellow because I liked the contrast, just imagine he’s an oscar statue come to life, or something. 🙂

Sea tentacles animated

Animation is still rendering, will link to the full version when it’s out of the oven. But here’s a preview. Gif now links to the animation, still not final version, final will be longer and remove some glitches

Decided to go with semi transparent tentacles, for greater visibility.

Shark Girl

Another thing I’ve been meaning to do, more monster girls. After all the old “beauty and the beast” thing is overplayed, what if the beauty IS the beast? This “Ichtyan” is kinda based on a couple of characters such as Mutio from Blue Submarine, some of the aliens from Mass Effect and that fish girl from Zelda, whatever her name is, but I didn’t really look at any reference and just winged it. It’s fun to work that way, and faster too.

She’s got fish lips and fins and sharp serrated teeth as well as no hair so I dunno how sexy that really ends up being but it’s a change of pace.