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Pointy ears. Normal elves, drow, dark elves, whatever as long as the ears are pointy

Elf penetrated

And after all that fingering finally some cock. Members can click on the gif for longer (Though still not final) animation.

Most of the sex scenes in h-movies that I look at are basically a single short loop the camera pans around a lot in… I’m making things hard for myself by animating straight ahead a lot of movement that in the end doesn’t last all that long when played out, but I’ve set several longish loops of 90 or more frames to put some longer lasting pans to make the action last longer, while still animating separate elements so it’s not just a single loop being reused .

Orc and Elf

That orc’s getting a little fresh there! That’s the kind of thing that gives people in favour of segregated elf/orc baths fuel for their arguments!

Animation posted without login, it’s low rez and there are some glitches, but hey, free porn.