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Linna Inverse’s annoying busty companion, Naga the Serpent

Critter assisted masturbation?


Yeah so the final version will have a button to select angles, also be in higher resolution, though that would be easier to render if I had a faster PC which I can’t afford right now…

The site badly needs a going over so I’ll be doing a redesign over the coming week. If stuff looks broken, it probably because I broke it. Had to burn the village in order to save it, etc.

Sit on it

So the option that won was “sit on it” so there she goes.


Had some internet troubles during the week, had to run around trying to find wifi hotspots before my laptop battery ran out. Comedy ensued. I should have stayed at home and used the time without distractions to work on animations, but you know how it is. I did get some work done on the Nadia model, should be ready soon.